More than 1,600 Ohio bridges deemed structurally deficient

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A new report says nearly 56,000 thousand United States bridges need major repairs, with Ohio landing the 9th worst spot on the list.

You trust bridges will stand the test of time, but not all are aging gracefully.

"It kinda makes you not want to drive over them," Dayton resident Christopher Hicks said.

Hicks drives the Keowee Street bridge every day. It's one of many requiring a facelift.

"There's a lot of bad bridges in Ohio," Hicks said.

ODOT says their records show 1,637 different bridges in the state have been deemed structurally deficient, meaning they're safe to drive on but need major repairs.

Montgomery County engineer Paul Gruner says the 3rd Street bridge is a priority in Dayton.

It'll cost taxpayers $18.8 million to replace.

"It is one of our top priorities," Gruner said. "We are spending quite a bit of money to replace it."

Chunks of loose concrete, make riding a bike under the bridge a safety hazard.

"They are literally falling off the edge of the slab," Gruner said.

Montgomery County operates 30 bridges that are in bad shape. ODOT and local cities also have bridges on the list.

But Gruner said it'll be a while until they're all replaced. He said the budget can't keep up with costs and inflation.

"We replace as many as we can afford to replace," Gruner said.

The county gets help from state and federal funding.

Ohio Senator Sherrod b=Brown is working with trump on a trillion-dollar bill to help.

"That will fund an infrastructure plans that we haven't seen in this country in a long time," Brown said.

Hick knows it won't be a quick fix.

"They definitely need attention and repairs, there's no question about that," Hicks said.

If a bridge is too dangerous to drive on, the city, county or state will close it down.

Local and state agencies routinely inspect these bridges. ODOT owned bridges have an average rating of 7.01 on a scale of 0-9, zero being the worst rating.

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