Miami Valley parents upset over disturbing YouTube videos that look like popular cartoons

Parents are upset over disturbing YouTube videos that look like popular children’s cartoons. (WKEF/WRGT)

MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) -- Parents are upset over disturbing YouTube videos that look like popular children’s cartoons.

The videos show recognizable characters committing disturbing acts, such as self-mutilation, using fighting over knives, being kidnapped, and being involved in terrorist plane crashes.

The videos use popular names such as Peppa Pig and Doc McStuffins, and some claim to be full episodes of the show.

"I've seen them get very violent, with like stabbing and blood and it's really gross," said mom Cheyenne Gaddis.

Gaddis said she's seen the videos on YouTube and her 6-year-old daughter Rumor has stumbled upon them.

"She likes to use my cell phone, she has her own tablet she has her apps and stuff and her games," Gaddis said, "I'll help her search when she goes on her YouTube videos for and sometimes she'll stumble across them."

"She'll be like mom what are they doing what's going on," Gaddis said.

"It's too easy to be kind of rigid with kids and then kids never really learn the self-control of making good and informed judgements," said Dr. Gregory Ramey with Dayton Children's Hospital.

Ramey is the executive director of pediatric mental health, and said the videos are out there, and it's important to monitor your kids technology, but more important to talk to them.

"Get them talking about what they saw so that they gain some insight about--no this isn't appropriate, no it isn't good so that the rule makes sense," Ramey said.

"I definitely think whoever's making them needs to stop or at least be in a situation where the kids can't get to it," said Gaddis.

FOX 45 reached out to YouTube for comment, and a spokesperson for the company said:

We’re always looking to improve the YouTube experience for all our users and that includes ensuring that our platform remains an open place for self-expression and communication. We understand that what offends one person, may be viewed differently by another. As a platform we strive to serve these varying interests by asking our community to flag any video that violates our strict community guidelines.

The company also said they main YouTube site is for 13 years and up, as outlined in their Community policies.

They said they also offer YouTube Kids, geared for younger audiences.

To read more about YouTube's policies, and how to flag something you believe is offensive, click here.

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