Local man with cerebral palsy says Walmart let him go because of his illness

Local man with cerebral palsy says Walmart let him go because of his illness. (WKEF/WRGT)

MIAMI TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) -- After 22 years working at the same place it's easy to slow down, but not George Grubb. He's the face at Walmart, and the man you come to see.

“Well, I'm not bragging on myself,” Grubb joked, “With my smiling face, thank God my friendly attitude, they are just used to seeing me upfront.”

For two decades, and countless introductions, George's work as the Walmart greeter became the mainstay at the Miami Township location.

“You know I tell them to have a good day or a good evening,” Grubb said, “Well I've just enjoyed working at Walmart until this happened you know.”

Last Thursday “Good day” became “Goodbye.” Grubb battles cerebral palsy, and it forces him to work from a wheel chair. It saps his strength, but not his spirit.

Grubb said he was taking it day by day, until he said Walmart moved him from greeting customers to scanning products.

“You know I told them I couldn't do it because of my hands, but I had done my best,” Grubb said.

He said the store wants employees to work multiple roles, and to be able to do everything, including what George could not. He said the company gave him the option to leave.

“I decided, I said I'm not quitting,” Grubb enforced, “And she said “Oh, you want to go the other route?”

Walmart let him go. We reached out to the company, and officials told FOX45 they do not condone discrimination of any kind, but cannot discuss personnel matters.

“I would hope Walmart would reconsider hiring me back,” Grubb said.

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