Fire destroys woodworking shop in Miami County

MIAMI COUNTY, Ohio (WRGT)-- The Stull family can't believe how little is left of the family's woodworking shop. The family was less than a week away from moving into a new building as part of an expansion.

Brian Stull and his wife started the business in their garage more than 20 years ago after he was let go from his job.

"We've had an amazing group of people that have stood with us over the years. An amazing group of employees. We've grown up to about 14 people now," said Brian.

Brian got a call late last night his business was on fire.

"How do you describe the shock of watching the flames engulf everything in just a matter of minutes and the roof caving in," said Brian. "That represents an amazing amount of dreams and history and vision and it's been pretty painful.”

There was nothing fire crews could do to stop the flames. All that's left is charred wood and twisted metal.

"Everything I built for the last 24 years is now gone. It's just metal and wood, it isn't a big deal. Again, the Lord will provide, He's got a plan for us," said Brian.

Stull says they do have insurance but he's not sure if it will cover everything.

"We're going to rebuild and with a lot of great people on our team and other teams as well I truly think we can rise up better. We have a lot of hope. It's a big loss but we have a lot of hope," said Brian.

The family was set to move everything into a new building next week but now they have to buy new machines, tools and materials.

"Our plan goes forward. Our vision hasn't changed. We're just going to up the intensity and we're going to make the move and if all goes well we're going to be up and running before long," said Brian.

The state fire marshal is expected to begin an investigation into a fire that destroyed a local woodworking facility overnight.

Firefighters responded to Stull Woodworks in the 7900 block of West Fenner Road around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, where heavy smoke and flames could be seen billowing from the building.

We're told the fire started on the outside of the business and spread inside. Firefighters say it's not clear if there was a fire alarm system inside the building. It took crews several hours to get the fire under control.

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