Community plans to pray for kids allegedly shot by their mom as they fight for their lives

Community plans to pray for kids allegedly shot by their mom as they fight for their lives (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - As two young kids continue to fight for their life after being shot in the head, the Dayton and Trotwood communities are working toward healing as well.

Dayton Police said Claudena Helton shot her 6 year old son Kaden and 8 year old daughter Kamora in the head inside their Lori Sue Ave. home Thursday morning, then dragged them onto the driveway.

Police said Helton was naked at the time.

Friday night, the kids were still listed in critical condition at Dayton Children's hospital.

Helton is now facing attempted murder charges for the shooting, while a prayer vigil is being planned to help the community heal.

"It's very emotional, I just live up the street, and I also have a grandson so it hits home," said Esslanda Seals.

Seals came to place balloons in front of the Lori Sue Ave. home, after the first round of balloons and stuft animals were taken to the hospital for the kids, neighbors told Fox 45.

"You know they say a community raises a child, as it happens when something happens in a community we all feel that it's very painful," Seals continued.

Dayton Police said Claudena Helton, 30, showed signs of meantl health issues at the time she shot Kaden and Kamora.

Police said a third child was in the home at the time but was unharmed.

"We want to make sure that the community understands that we are here and that we are willing to offer our prayers and support in times of trouble," said Pastor Norman Scearce.

Scearce does not know the family personally, but said one of the chidlren who was shot and the thrid child go to school in Trotwood and the shooting has greatly affected his community.

Scearce has planned a prayer vigil to help the communities come together and heal.

"Just to give some sense of strength to the family and to those children who are fighting for their lives," he said, "We also do it in honor of the mother Who will definitely need prayer at this time as well."

"Children are innocent they don't do anything to anybody," said Seals, "The community, you know, we come together but I hope they-- pull through."

The prayer vigil will be held Saturday, May 20th at Cathedral Church of God, 5501 Olive Road in Trotwood, at 1pm.

Pastor Scearce said all are welcome.

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