Cold Case Murder Investigators Get Help to Catch Killer

DARKE COUNTY-- Investigators working a double murder case unsolved for 18 years, are getting new help to put the killer behind bars.

The murders of Dennis Young and Kimberley Stephan in Darke County in February 1997 are being featured Friday, April 24, 2015, on the TNT show Cold Justice.

The professional CSI and Prosecutor team of women on the "Cold Justice" show help local police solve cold cases.

In Greenville, they helped provide a fresh perspective on the same person of interest that has eluded arrest since the day of the murders.

ABC22/Fox45 interviewed victim Denny Young's brother in March of 2014 after he increased the reward money offered for information leading to an arrest in the case.

"I've got stage 4 cancer and so I'm fighting that, and so I'd sure like to see something happen before it's my turn," said Denny's brother Steven Young at the time of the interview.

But Steven Young didn't get his dying wish, to see a killer behind bars for the two murders, the cancer took his life in April of 2015, right before his brother's cold case would pick up enough heat to get detectives interested again after 18 years lying cold.

"It's a matter of not who, it's how we're going to present it, and that's the point we're at right now," said Greenville Police Detective Eric Roberts, who's handled the cold case for the last 13 years.

That's how the experts of Cold Justice were able to help. They came to Greenville Police to help pick out the best evidence from the shelf Detective Roberts has been staring at for decades.

"We were able to pick stuff out and put it in a probable cause format," said Roberts.

Probable cause, Roberts says, to arrest a person of interest in the case, victim Kimberley Stephan's estranged husband Robert.

"He's a very reclusive individual to say the least," Roberts said.

Now the new way police and the Cold Justice show are helping present the evidence could lead to a long awaited arrest, that detective Roberts wanted so terribly to get justice for the victims, and that he had hoped to do while his biggest ally in the case Steven Young, was still alive.

"There's kind of nothing for me to gain with the closure of this case but I was kind of hoping for him to have that closure," Roberts said, "Hopefully something will come about and the surviving family members can have that closure."

The Greenville episode of Cold Justice will be available to view online after it airs.

The probable cause affidavit that police worked with the show to create is now with the Ohio Attorney General's office waiting to be approved for the case can move forward.
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