UPDATE: Beavercreek restaurant closed today to participate in 'a day without immigrants'

UPDATE (WKEF/WRGT)- Ana Rivera opened La Colombiana Restaurante about three years ago. Rivera is a proud American and immigrant originally from Colombia.

"I'm very proud to be an immigrant because I can bring a lot of things to the American culture. I can bring my food," said Rivera.

Rivera's mom came to America first more than 40 years ago because her mom wanted a better life for the family but the rest of the family couldn't come until her mother was naturalized.

"My two brother's and I were without my mom for longer than 10 years until she was able to get her citizenship," said Rivera.

Rivera posted a sign on her door and decided to close Thursday because of a nationwide protest called a 'Day Without Immigrants.'

That's a lot of money to lose for any small business owner but she wanted to show her support for legal immigrants and to showcase the importance of immigrants to the U.S. economy.

"When I say a lot, it's maybe not for other people or a big business but for me it's a lot of money," said Rivera.

She says many of her friends and customers were very supportive of the decision.

However, Rivera had no idea the backlash the restaurant would receive online for it.

"What scares me is seeing how people think, how people react," said Rivera. "I'm not supporting illegal immigrants, I just want to celebrate that I'm an immigrant."

You can read the comments yourself on the restaurant's Facebook page.

"They don't know me. They don't know how we work over here. They think that this is supporting illegals to be in this country but it's not that at all," said Rivera.

Rivera says she's not worried about losing business though.


BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT)- A Beavercreek restaurant is standing with people across the U.S. today for 'a day without immigrants.'

La Colombiana Restaurante posted a picture of a sign that appears on its door that alerts customers that they'll be closed today. "In support of our immigrant customers, employees and in honor of our immigrant parents, also in solidarity of the nation wide movement "A day without immigrants" we decided to close on Thursday, February 16."

The restaurant is one of man closing its doors today as people across the country protest what they feel are anti-immigration policies by the current administration.

Comments on the restaurant's Facebook page have been mostly positive, with one person writing that "we'll support you another day." However, there have been some negative comments from customers, one calling for a boycott of the restaurant.

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