AAA: Miami Valley drivers may spend an extra $200 at the pump this summer

AAA: Miami Valley drivers may spend an extra of $200 at the pump this summer (Photo: Pixabay, via MGN Online)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - AAA said Miami Valley motorists will be paying the most for gas over this Memorial Day weekend in four years.

Gas prices have jumped an average of 12 cents over the past two weeks and 6 cents since last Monday, and they are up a total of 51 cents so far in 2018.

“AAA forecasts nearly 37 million travelers will hit the road for the holiday weekend. Compared to an average of the last three Memorial Day weekends, pump prices are nearly 50 cents more expensive and climbing,” AAA Public Affairs Manager Cindy Antrican said. “Trends are indicating that this summer is likely to bring the national average to at least $3/gallon.”

AAA said families may be paying an extra $200 at the pump this summer with the increased costs, and recommends slowing down, sharing rides or combing errands to help offset the cost.

To find out where the cheapest gas is in the Miami Valley or to see the average price in your area, check out this page on our website.

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