No suspect 1 year after World of Wonder school stabbing

A year after a man stabbed a 7-year-old little girl on a playground, police are still searching for the suspect. (Photo: Dayton Police Department)


DAYTON -- A second grader attacked on a school playground.

The assailant, a stranger, stabbed her while she was on the swings.

It all went down at World of Wonder in Dayton.

Tonight, April 6, 2017 we spoke to the little girl's father to get an update on her progress.

The little girl is 8-years-old now and in the third grade.

She's changed schools and moved out of the Residence Park neighborhood.

We talked to her father on the phone today.

He said his daughter is doing well. considering what happened to her.

Saturday evening, children were having fun on the school playground.

Like they were last year on this date.

Then it was school children playing during recess.

All of a sudden a man with a knife stabbed a 7-year-old girl.

"My daughter's at recess at school why didn't you see this dude crossing or something," said the victim's father Vernon Nored.

Vernon Nored is frustrated his daughter's attacker is still on the loose.

"This never should have happened this was some mess you know, there already should have been some gates around the school already.

You know why did my daughter have to be the beacon for gates around the freakin kindergarten or whatever you want to call it," said Nored.

It's been a year since the little girl was stabbed out there on the school playground and it's a day her dad said he'll never forget

"This is a bad day but try to make it better by going on with your life. My daughter's doing fine, she's been through counseling and still going

through it," said Nored.

Dayton Public Schools, Hampton Inn and Crimestoppers are putting up more than $10,000 to find the assailant.

"So far we haven't received a lot of tips on this crime, at the beginning we did get some movement, lately we're not seeing what we'dlike to see," said Miami Valley Crimestoppers Vice President Mike Murray.

"Give us help on finding who the hell it is or whatever, you know find this dude, that's about it. Find this dude," said Nored.

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – A year after a man stabbed a 7-year-old little girl on a playground, police are still searching for the suspect.

Dayton Public Schools put up a fence around the World of Wonder playground after the girl was stabbed. Students had been out on recess when the man reportedly walked up to a girl and stabbed her.

Video of the incident shows the man going up to the girl while she was on a swing, and then walking away seemingly into thin after stabbing her in the back.

The attacker has yet to be caught, even though there is a large amount of reward money on the table.

Dayton Public Schools is offering $5,000 for information leading to an arrest in the case, and so is the Hampton Inn.

Anyone who knows anything about the man with the knife is urged to come forward, potentially with an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers.

“As a society, we rely a lot on police to protect us, to do this job of helping out,” Vice President Michael Murray said. “They can’t do it alone. They have to have help from us. They have to have the information that we provide as a community.”

If you know about the suspect, you can leave a tip by calling 222-STOP.

Meanwhile, the child’s family has filed a lawsuit against Dayton Public Schools for damages.

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