Police release surveillance photo of Dollar General armed robbery suspect

Surveillance photo of armed robbery suspect on Aug. 25 at Dollar General Store on Gettysburg Ave.

DAYTON (WRGT) - A surveillance photo of a man accused of an armed robbery at the Dollar General Store on Gettysburg Avenue is being released by Dayton police.

The robbery happened around 9:50 a.m., on Thursday morning, August 25. Police say the man was inside the store in the 800 block of Gettysburg for a few minutes, took a Gatorade to the counter and when the cash register was opened, he pulled out a gun and told the cashier to give him money.

After taking the money, police say the man got away in an orange Chevy Camaro. The suspect was wearing a white baseball cap with lettering on the front, a gray hooded sweatshirt with an emblem on the left breast and dark blue pajama style pants. If you have any information about the crime or the man's whereabouts, call Crime Stoppers at 222-STOP.

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