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Rock News

Last Update on December 01, 2015 08:10 GMT


UNDATED (AP) -- Pink got to see firsthand the severely malnourished children of Haiti. She also got to see the amazing way they were able to bounce back with the help of a vitamin-rich peanut paste. Pink says within a week, she could see a difference in the children who ate it. Pink has been named a UNICEF ambassador and the national spokeswoman for the UNICEF Kid Power Band. It's a fitness band for kids that encourages exercise. Kids can earn points, and UNICEF's corporate partners will convert the points to money to send food packets to places like Haiti. Pink says the bands help get kids motivated and turn them into global citizens.


NEW YORK (AP) -- Bono wants to raise money to fight AIDS so badly, he'll even go on a bike ride with you. People who donate at least $10 to his RED organization to fight AIDS will get a chance to win a bike ride with Bono. He says he'll even visit the spot in New York's Central Park where he had his devastating accident last year. The Weeknd is offering a chance to hang out with him backstage and sit in the front row of his Miami concert. The Backstreet Boys are offering to do a video with you and let you be the first to post it on Instagram. Snoop Dogg is offering a day of "good music and legal relaxation" in Colorado. Other celebrities offering unique meet-and-greets include George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Matthew McConaughey, James Franco and Ryan Seacrest. Details are at .


007-a-16-(Bono, singer for U2, in AP interview)-"kind of thing"-U2 singer Bono says other celebrities are offering unique opportunities for those who donate to AIDS relief. (1 Dec 2015)

<<CUT ..007 (12/01/15)>> 00:16 "kind of thing"

006-a-16-(Bono, singer for U2, in AP interview)-"alone at all"-U2 singer Bono says he will offer the chance to win a bike ride through New York's Central Park with him for people who donate to AIDS relief. (1 Dec 2015)

<<CUT ..006 (12/01/15)>> 00:16 "alone at all"


DUBLIN (AP) -- Bono predicts the U2 concerts in Paris next week will be "joy as an act of defiance." U2 were scheduled to play Paris on November 14 and the show was going to be broadcast that day on HBO. U2 canceled because the attacks at the Eagles of Death Metal concert and at other sites in Paris that left 130 dead the day before. U2 will play Paris on Sunday and Monday. Bono says the gunmen "took a lot of lives we're not going to get back, but they're not going to change the character of the city of Paris." Bono says he expects the audience at the concerts to drown out the band, and he says U2 is "very loud." The concert will be shown on HBO on Monday.


008-q-17-(Bono, singer for U2, in AP interview)-"want from us"-U2 singer Bono was asked what to expect from their Paris concert. ((note length of cut)) (1 Dec 2015)

<<CUT ..008 (12/01/15)>> 00:17 "want from us"

009-a-17-(Bono, singer for U2, in AP interview)-"is very loud"-U2 singer Bono says the French people are ready to take back Paris from extremists who threaten their way of life. ((note length of cut)) (1 Dec 2015)

<<CUT ..009 (12/01/15)>> 00:17 "is very loud"


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Forty-one percent of the albums sold in the U.S. last week were Adele's "25" album. Billboard has broken down the sales numbers that show "25" did way more than just shatter the first-week sales record with 3.38 million. The "25" album sold 335 copies per minute. It also broke the record for most albums sold digitally in a week, with 1.64 million downloads, beating Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," with 662,000. The "25" album made up 49 percent of all digital albums bought in the U.S. in the last week. It's no surprise it's the number-one album, and it sold more than twice the combined total of numbers 2 through 100.


SEOUL (AP) -- Psy (SY) has a new album coming out and he's not even thinking about another runaway hit like "Gangnam Style." Psy says he plans to focus on his job, not the Billboard charts. OK, he admits he will probably check how many YouTube views he gets every day, but he will try not to focus on rank or numbers. "Gangnam Style" was the most-viewed YouTube video ever, with 2.46 billion views. Psy will do a Christmas concert in Korea, and some shows in Asia in the coming month. After that, he'll play wherever people will have him. His seventh album is called "Chiljip Psy-Da," which is Korean for "This Is Psy's Seventh Album." It comes out today.


011-a-14-(Psy (SY), musician, with reporters)-"going to do"-Musician Psy says he will not watch the Billboard charts to see how his music does, but he will keep an eye on something else. (1 Dec 2015)

<<CUT ..011 (12/01/15)>> 00:14 "going to do"

012-a-18-(Psy (SY), musician, with reporters)-"I'll be there"-Musician Psy says he plans to play live at any place that will have him. ((note length of cut)) (1 Dec 2015)

<<CUT ..012 (12/01/15)>> 00:18 "I'll be there"

010-a-07-(Psy (SY), musician, with reporters)-"on anything else"-Musician Psy says he wants to make good music, not necessarily a hit. (1 Dec 2015)

<<CUT ..010 (12/01/15)>> 00:07 "on anything else"


LONDON (AP) -- Patti Smith is posing for the famous Pirelli calendar, but instead of being scantily clad, she's wearing a long-sleeved shirt, a black vest and pants. Smith is one of the professional women photographer Annie Leibovitz chose for the modern version of the Pirelli calendar, which usually features women nude or scantily clad. Comedian Amy Schumer and tennis star Serena Williams are the exceptions -- they're in their underwear. Yoko Ono, film mogul Kathleen Kennedy and director Ava DuVernay are among the other women in the calendar.


MIAMI (AP) -- Marc Anthony is getting into sports. He has founded a sports agent business called Magnus Media. It's a joint venture with Praver Shapiro Sports Management. Anthony's first signing is Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman.

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